Oook. So my Feline character in Ateraan is a merchant. Part of their job is designing clothes for folks, sooo… here is a sunflower dress / set that she made for a Nymph (hence the fairy-like wings) friend (her first customer!) who has a penchant for wearing dresses that look like oversized flowers in general (ex. rose, bluebell, morning glory… I think there was a jasmine dress, too).


sunflower dress 

Reminiscent of an oversized sunflower in full bloom, this strapless knee-length dress consists of a fitted olive green bodice and an ombre skirt with a slight bell shape in warm hues of orange and gold. Six panels of sturdy corduroy have been cut irregularly to resemble the sepals of the flower and stitched together to make a strapless bodice that extends past the waistline over the hips as it closely hugs the contours of the feminine form. The front features a modest sweetheart neckline in direct contrast to the low dip behind that showcases most of the wearer’s upper back. Its dense ribbing begs to be touched what with its uniquely soft velvety texture. The angles of the cord lines have also been taken into consideration and skillfully used for optimum slimming effect. Smaller pointed cuts of the same durable fabric peek from in between the bottom of the bodice panels, and a third similar row is situated in staggered formation beneath them. Under all the green the skirt begins, a whimsical confection composed of three layers of stiffened translucent organdy carefully shaped to form petals that extend outwards from the hips and curl upwards ever so slightly. Every piece is light as a feather and dyed in well-blended gradient starting with coral closest to the body which changes to amber towards the middle before ending with bright sunshine at its gracefully tapered tip. The layering is what gives the skirt its characteristic fullness and bounce, with each part supporting the others around it.

beaded knickers

Made out of densely ribbed corduroy dyed a uniform sepia brown, this pair of knickers is designed to sit low at the waist, hug the hips, and end just below the juncture between the legs. The fabric is sturdy and thick providing snug warmth and plenty of support while still allowing the skin to breathe. With the exception of the crotch area, tiny glass seed beads in auburn, chestnut and sienna have been sewn all over the ribbing to form a pattern of seemingly random different-sized whorls. If hit by light in just the right way, the beads have a tendency to sparkle like glistening dew drops.

peep-toe flats

Densely waled sepia brown corduroy on the outside and soft supple deerskin lining lightly cushioning the inside combine durability with comfort for this dainty pair of outdoor slippers. It is designed to be easy to slide on or off. When worn the low sides wrap snugly from front to heel. A small hole has been cut out of each of the slightly pointed tips to allow two of the toes to peek through. The uppers have been embroidered with a simple sunflower motif in thread matching the fabric hue so that the design can only be seen by someone looking really closely. Thin but sturdy leather soles provide a modicum of support for delicate feet. For an especially feminine finishing touch, a decent length of narrow brown corduroy ribbon has been threaded through a small loop at the back of each slipper which can be wound around the ankles twice before being tied into a simple bow.


The flats ended up not being sold because the Nymph wasn’t really in the habit of wearing shoes. Anyway, I think I did pretty well for an amateur. Pfft.

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