It’s too late~, but here’s Spoopy Halloween Art Challenge Day 1 - Fall Leaves


Thanks, Google. >XD

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Photo Set


Guild Wars 2: Concept Art (x)

Halloween is drawing near (x)

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Eexcelsior! Episode 10: Miniature 

It’s competition time! Help me name my Llama for a chance to win 50g!

Llamm or Llammi! (Male or female?)

hmm… Mwa? For a scaredy-cat llama. Or an ill-tempered llama. >XD

Spitter could be another ‘bad llama’ name.

Orgl? For a horny male llama. >XD PFFT. I’m not good at this~

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Here’s another of my characters who went and changed how she looked, though her face was altered, too. >XD ICly Dhatur has always looked like this. Ok? Ok. *LOL*

At first I only wanted to change her head fronds to the flowery branches one… but then… I guess her old face didn’t seem to quite ‘fit’ with it…? So then was looking through the ‘sweeter’ options, narrowed it down to light-spots, dark-nospots, and dark-spots. There was a fourth (light-nospots) but that’s already Ana Agallein’s face, so… it’s already enough that I have two Sylvari (Tialha and Ailhad) who have the exact same base face and sliders, didn’t need more.

Anyway, I’m reaaally happy with how she turned out in the end.

(captions in pictures)


So a few days ago I decided to get a haircut. Went from arse-length to about armpit-length… so at least a foot of my hair was hacked off? >XD -Was- going to take a ‘before’ picture for comparison, but eh, completely forgot to.

Anyway, this is a thing that’s going to happen at some point in the future, though not just yet. Takky’s getting a new ‘do, too! Woo! She’s cute no matter what, I think. Amuses me how this style tends to change her head shape, though.