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Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 17 - Vista


This kinda turned into an almost tutorial, sorry, but *LOL* considering which vista it is… Anyway, TIP # 1: Hope for a guild rush to happen when you’re trying to get this vista for map comp becaaause the rush route takes you there and spider webbing your way through is sooo much easier than the typical roundabout way of doing it. Maaan, I remember the first time trying to figure out this one.


- Up Wrong Ramp 1

- Up Wrong Ramp 2

- Up Wrong Ramp 3

- Up Wrong Ramp 4- AHA! *points at gate in the distance*

- Thanks, Harlow, Couldn’t Have Found The Tunnel Without You. (Or I Could Have, But It Would Have Taken Longer)

- Gate = On the Right Track

- Keep Going Up The Right Ramp to the Chain Pull

- Home Stretch!



Photo Set

Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 16 - Favorite Order


"Know what cannot be known."

There are places only they can go. There are bits of dialogue that can only be accessed by a character in the Order of Whispers. They have operatives in the other Orders. Secrets. Hidden identities and faked personalities. Masked faces. Deception. Lies.

Oh, and aren’t their uniforms awesome? *smiles innocently*



'Warrior' (Foemina)


Sooo, I would participate in GW2FW, buuut it seems like something reserved for people who are good at the whole mixing and matching of armor sets, whereas I, for the most part, tend to use the whole sets of whatever as they are. Aaanyway, the ‘aesthetic’ that comes to mind for Anagallis Ana Agallein is ‘bag of tropical Skittles goes BOOM' / 'candy hearts' / simply 'highlighters’. Don’t think this looks like it fits with any of my other Sylvari ‘Florilegium’ drawings, but that is probably because I did use Sharpie highlighters for all the colors. Pfft. I’ll try again at some point.

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Photo Set
Photo Set


So I’ve been pondering posting a creativity challenge of sorts for the Guild Wars community, and here it is! The Guild Wars Alphabet Challenge! The rules are below!

  • You have to do all the letters (bar one; see rule below.)
  • You can replace a single letter with another of your choice (so unless you really like Xunlai Agents, you can switch out the X post for a second A post, or something like that.)
  • No time limits…
  • And no alphabetical order required!
  • No repeats (except for the aforementioned one above.) If you really want to do a creative piece for something though, you can just do it outside the challenge…or do the challenge twice. ;P
  • Creative mediums of any sort welcome. Photosets, edits, gifs, drawings, stories, poetry, 8tracks mixes, whatever!
  • All Guild Wars games from the Guild Wars verse can be used (this ain’t Guild Wars 2 only folks!)
  • You don’t only have to do Ascalons, Abbadons, and Adelburns. Words like Armies and Apples are totally acceptable too, so long as your creative piece is always pertaining to Guild Wars, and follows the rules.
  • Tag it too! Use ‘The Guild Wars Alphabet Challenge’ tag as well as other appropriate tags to share your work.
  • (And I think that’s everything!)

Hope you guys enjoy this! If this isn’t for you, try the Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge (if you haven’t already.) That’s a fun challenge to do (link here.)

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Photo Set

Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge

Day 15 - Least Favorite Map


I like pretty much all the maps, they all have their own charming spots and ugleh/annoying parts, but if I had to rank them, the bottom of the list would be Dredgehaunt Cliffs. Why? The dredge crawling all over the place. Even though sometimes they amuse me, plenty of times, I just don’t feel like constantly fighting them, yanno? Anyway, enjoy a few (largely dredge-free?) shots of just a tiny fraction of the place.